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Zinc Mineral: product choice for your family and the environment

We are all growing ever more conscious of the need to protect our environment, with an increased awareness of the products we use everyday. As innovators in nutrition, hygiene and personal care, Unilever is incredibly aware of our responsibilities to do whatever we can to provide consumers with effective products that minimise impact on the environment. 

Signal Integral 8 toothpaste is an example of where we offer a product tied to our commitment to the environment and consumer preference. Triclosan is an ingredient commonly found in toothpastes. In recent years, concerns have been raised about its impact on the environment.

While we remain confident that Triclosan is safe to use in Oral Care products, we recognize that some people are concerned about the potential impact of Triclosan on the environment and would prefer us to use other ways of delivering hygiene benefits. At Unilever we have identified safe and efficient alternative: Zinc Mineral. Zinc is a naturally occurring and essential element for a healthy diet and for healthy bodily function.

The mineral form of zinc used in Signal Integral 8 acts as an antibacterial ingredient to fight plaque and tartar, it helps protect enamel, fights against bad breath and helps keep gums healthy - giving you complete mouth protection.

Our approach is all part of Unilever’s commitment to offering our customers great choices whilst looking after the environment. We recognise that Triclosan can potentially have a negative impact on the environment, and as part of our Sustainable Living Plan, we have decided to stop using it.

With Signal Integral 8, you can have complete, effective protection that is kind on your mouth and the environment. Because every smile matters.