How to brush with Little Brush Big Brush


Kids Oral Health 101

A guide for all parents!

How many times have you wondered how to take care of your little ones' teeth? This booklet easily explains how a tooth is made, what foods are friends and enemies of teeth, how to brush your teeth correctly, and provides answers to the 10 main questions that many other parents like you have asked. Remember to consult your dentist or pediatrician to clarify any doubts, periodic checkups are the best way to avoid problems.

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Educational booklet for parents to help kids brush their teeth properly

Little Brush Big Brush Tools

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What is Little Brush Big Brush?

Little Brush Big Brush are characters developed by Pepsodent to make learning about oral hygiene fun for kids! You can find them in our videos and storybooks! They’re here to take children on a 21-day adventure to build good oral habits by teaching them to brush day and night.

Why 21 days?

It takes 21 days to build a habit. We know the importance of building good oral habits from a young age as it impacts them for life. Start your own 21-day challenge with Little Brush Big Brush. The best gift you can give your child is a healthy smile for life.

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Storybook | Nightly Routines with Brush, Story, Sleep!

Do you read bedtime stories to your little ones every night? Make brush time part of that nightly routine with brush, story, sleep. Little Brush Big Brush continues their adventure in this e-book. There are 21 chapters, so you can read 1 to your kid every night and build the good habit of brushing day and night.

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Some activities and useful materials to carry out at home with your child.

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21-Day Brushing Calendar

Brush your teeth together for 21 days and mark it with a felt-tip pen on the calendar. It will be a fun and addictive game between parents and children to see who is better at respecting the rules of good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth with your child and set a good example, this simple activity carried out for 21 days will allow you to create a routine and make brushing a habit in your child's daily life.

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Day and Night Stickers

These sun and moon stickers will help you keep track of progress on your 21-day brushing calendar. Print them on sticky paper or cut them out and stick them on the calendar boxes with glue or tape. Brushing your teeth will be even more fun!

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Little Brush Big Brush Calendar Stickers
child colouring

Colouring Sheets

Let their imagination run wild when they get crafty with our colouring sheets, featuring characters from Little Brush Big Brush.

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Memory Game

Running out of ideas to keep them busy? Here’s a game they can play on their own. Print and cut out the sheets with Little Brush Big Brush characters, place them randomly on the map, start the memory test!

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child playing memory cards game
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21-Day Brushing Certificate

Completed all 21 days of day and night brushing? That’s impressive! Print out this certificate to congratulate your little one. They’re on the road to a healthy smile for life!

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