Representation of Zinc

Zinc mineral: the health & wellbeing hero in your toothpaste

Zinc is an essential element. It is vital for a healthy diet and healthy bodily function, and is second only to iron when it comes to the most essential elements in the body. Zinc affects everything from your immune system to sense of smell and taste, cell division and growth to healing wounds. It even acts as an antioxidant. 

When zinc is used to its full potential it can work wonders, from improving immune health to boosting mood, from helping your skin glow to assisting with muscle growth and repair  – whatever boost you’re looking for across the health and wellbeing spectrum – zinc can probably help. 

So, it should come as no surprise that Signal looked to harness the natural power of zinc for its Integral 8 range.

Much like zinc’s role in the body, when it comes to oral care – zinc offers many benefits. In fact, the mineral form of zinc used in Signal Integral 8 plays a key role in no less than five of the eight benefits of the toothpaste:

  1. Helps to reinforce gums
  2. Helps to give you fresh breath
  3. Fights against tartar formation making it an anti-tartar toothpaste
  4. Provides anti-plaque protection for up to 18 hours
  5. Fights against bacteria

Not to mention, that zinc mineral also acts as an efficient alternative to Triclosan, which has concerns surrounding its impact on the environment. So, with Signal Integral 8, you can have complete, effective protection that is kind on your mouth and the environment. Because every smile matters.