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Harnessing the power of mother nature’s care

We all know nature can be incredibly powerful but, at the same time, there’s no disputing Mother Nature has a nurturing, caring side – and this can be seen clearly in the world of personal care. Over the years, the beauty industry, in particular, has realised that the amazing properties of nature, when harnessed correctly, can create a perfect balance of gentle efficacy. 

Of course, everyone’s different and we all have our own natural heroes we turn to in times of need whether it’s reaching for aloe vera moisturiser to soothe after a long day in the sun, lathering on argan oil conditioner for luscious locks, or indulging with an avocado face mask to replenish skin with restorative vitamins. Whatever your need – there is usually a nature based product to help.

There’s no reason your approach to dental health can’t be the same as that of your hair and skin. Signal introduces the new Nature Elements toothpaste range, to protect your smile with 96% naturally sourced ingredients including:


Coconut oil is a long-standing beauty superstar, thanks to its amazing abilities from cleansing and moisturising, to reducing wrinkles and preventing premature aging. Signal Integral 8 Nature Elements Coco White formula is infused with coconut extract, known for its natural cleansing properties, and helps to restore natural whiteness for whiter teeth.


These herbal heroes may be well known in the culinary world but they have many hidden talents. For example, sage can boost blood circulation, prevent infection and may even help treat cellulite, while thyme can rejuvenate tired, irritated skin thanks to its impressive anti-inflammatory properties. Signal Integral 8 Nature Elements Herbal Gum Care is infused with sage and thyme oils, known for their restorative properties, and helps to nourish and protect gums. 


Cloves might be a regular in the spice rack and juniper’s main claim to fame is adding flavor to gin, but they both boast incredible health benefits too. Cloves can aid digestion, boost the immune system and preserve bone quality, whereas juniper can purify blood, relieve cramp and protect wounds. Signal Integral 8 Nature Elements Clove Sensitive is infused with clove and juniper berry oils, known for their soothing properties, and helps to offer relief from sensitivity, making it the perfect toothpaste for sensitive teeth.