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Signal's Global Research

In 2018, we commissioned a global research on the impact of poor oral care on children and their parents. The first research of this kind on a global perspective, it helped us understand the challenges kids with dental problems face at school and in their personal life.

What we found: The impact of oral health goes beyond hygiene

Infographic statistic of children who experienced oral pain

Children felt pain due to their teeth in the last 12 months

Infographic statistic of children brushing their teeth at night

of children with poor oral health don't always brush their teeth before bed compared with 20% of children with good oral health

Infographic statistic of parents who allow children to skip brushing

of parents allow their children to skip brushing as a 'reward'

It's important to establish good oral habits in children from a young age, so that nothing gets in the way of smiling. Especially not poor oral health. Read more about the research findings, and how you can play a part to make every smile matter.

White Paper research booklet

A life-changer

Stop and think for a moment how a simple act of teeth brushing can impact them for life. More than just a healthy smile, brushing day and night can help children develop a healthy self-esteem and make a positive impact on their school performance and social skills. A life-changer in more ways than one. Truly, twice a day brushing can redefine the world of oral health as we know it.

Little Brush Big Brush

Signal’s Little Brush Big Brush is here to help parents create proper brushing habits with their kids.

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Brush Story Sleep

Let's establish a positive bedtime routine of brushing at night with the help of Brush, Story, Sleep

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Brush Day & Night

Signal Toothpaste provides all day protection for the whole family. Brush day & night to protect your teeth from cavities, plaque, bacteria & tartar. Learn more

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